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VSB Diversity Conference Board Meeting

Wed, February 28, 2018

12:30 PM, lunches provided

4020 University Drive, Suite 300
Fairfax, VA  22030


1.     Welcome

a.     Meeting minutes approval - December 5, 2017

2.     Chair’s Report (Luis for Carole)

-       Report of the Diversity Conference for the Feb. 23-24 Council and EC meeting

-       Update on YLC/DC MOU regarding HTI division of responsibilities and management

-       YLC Minority Bench Bar Dinner March 29

-       Diversity Conference will be featured in the August issue of Virginia Lawyer magazine        

3.     Financial Report  (Chidi)

-       2018-2019 proposed budget

-       Current budget and financial report

4.     Committee Selection & Reports

a.     Showcase/Annual Meeting Committee (Sheila Costin, Chair)

                                               i.     2018 VSB Annual Meeting Showcase CLE June 15, 2018, 10:10 – 11:40 AM

·       “Racism, Rallies, and Riots:  What does the First Amendment Protect, and What Limits are there for Citizens, Local Governments, and Law Enforcement?”  Updates to title, sponsors, and panel participants

·       Housing needs, MCLE outlines, award orders – due May 4, 2018

                                             ii.     Fore Diversity Golf Tournament (Eva Juncker, Chair)

b.     Pipeline & Community Projects Committee (Candace Blydenburg, Chair)

                                               i.     Oliver Hill/Samuel Tucker Pre-Law Institute

(a) Co-directors – Wesley Allen and Courtney Frazier

(b) Scheduled for July 8-13, 2018

(c) Updates/status

(d) Re-connection with Oliver Hill Foundation (Ramona Taylor)

                                             ii.     Rule of Law Student Day at Capitol, March 29, 2018

                                            iii.     George Mason Inns of Court CLE, January 23  (Chidi or Dean)

                                            iv.     Plans for Diversity CLE co-sponsored with VADA (Candace)

                                              v. language access pro bono project with Access Committee

                                            vi.     Translation of Free and Low Cost Legal Resources in Virginia (‘goldenrod’) pamphlet pro bono project with Access Committee

                                           vii.     Black Family Land Trust – no action or update

                                         viii.     Collaboration project with Legal Aid pro bono clinics – no action yet

                                            ix.     Jazz for Justice upcoming dates

                                              x.     Disability Community initiatives – no updates

c.     Law Schools Committee (Latoya Asia, Chair)

                                               i.     Presentation to law schools

                                             ii.     Law Student Mentor-Mentee initiative (Annual Meeting)

d.     Publicity/Website/E-Newsletter Committee (Chris Fortier, Chair)

i.  Invictus Issue 3 - Next deadline? Articles needed

ii. Diversity Conference August 2018 dedicated issue Virginia Lawyer (see Chair’s Report)

iii.  Bar communication staff working on website updates, thank you Jackie!

iv.  Adding member Atoosa Reaser to help with Facebook page.  

e.     Membership Committee  (Chidi James, Chair)

                                               i.     NOVABAA/HBA Holiday Party Sponsorship – December 13, 2017

                                             ii.     New member letters

                                            iii.     Ideas for new member increase

                                            iv.     Addition of members to committee – Zaida Thompson, Luis, Chris

                                              v.     Report number of new/renewed members

                                            vi.     Vacancies on board – 2 at-large members

f.      New Signature Program committee  (Luis Perez, Chair)

g.     Nominating Committee (Carole Capsalis, Chair)

                                               i.     Clarence Dunnaville award – applications go live on March 1, 2018

                                             ii.     Maura Weiner agreed to be final member of nominating committee

                                            iii.     Nominating report and slate is due 90 days before DC annual meeting

5.     New Business/Updates

a.     Death of Jacquetta Johnson   

b.     Diversity Conference role/participation in Oliver Hill Day ? 

6.     Next Meeting:  Tuesday, April 25, 2018, at 12:30 pm in Fairfax, VA

7.     Adjourn


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