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VSB Standing Committee on Legal Ethics Meeting

Wed, August 01, 2018

Virginia State Bar Board Room
1111 East Main Street, Ste. 700
Richmond, Virginia 23219
10:00 am 




  1. Definition of the Practice of Law

Comments received from: Tully, Kreitzer, Rea (Association of District Court Clerks), Franklin, Whitfield, Lowry (Resolution Virginia), Mann (Virginia Mediation Network), Richards, Lannetti, Gordon (Responsive Law), Andriano, Plocar 

  1. Rule 1.10(a)– Non-imputation of personal interest conflicts

Comments received from: Blair (LGA)

  1. Rule 1.8(e)(1)– Advanced costs and expenses contingent on the outcome of litigation

Comments received from: Blair (LGA)

  1. Rule 4.4(b)– Receipt of inadvertently-disclosed document or electronically stored information


A.LEO request– Rule 4.2/term day procedures for setting criminal cases

B.LAOs (Lawyer advertising opinions)

C.LEO 1890– Rule 4.2 compendium


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